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4 Daily Habits Causing Your Facial Wrinkles

What are women’s main skincare concerns? Looking older than we feel due to fine lines and wrinkles!

And it’s no wonder! Wrinkles are a huge indicator of age, regardless of how young you might feel on the inside. Of course, they are part of the natural aging skincare for wrinklesprocess; less elasticity, more fragility, and dryer skin is why the lotion industry is so huge. Plus, fat stores in the deeper layers of your skin diminish, providing less of a support system for your face, which all leads to loose, dry, wrinkled skin.

There are little habits you probably do on a daily basis that are making your wrinkles worse.

Wrinkle Reason #1: You’re not using enough sunscreen.

If you don’t use sunscreen daily, you’re subjecting your skin to a lot of UV damage — a big factor in many of the visible signs of skin aging. Visible skin aging means hyperpigmentation, sagging, and of course, wrinkles.

One of the best things you can do is wear sunscreen on a daily basis — and re-apply it as the day goes on. If you are wearing makeup, there are setting sprays and powders with SPF in them that you can use to reapply sunscreen throughout the day without ruining your look.

Wrinkle Reason #2: You’re using a cell phone.

If you’re always looking down and squinting at your cell-phone, you could be giving yourself more wrinkles. Repeated movement of any kind causes wrinkles, so looking down at your screen affects the skin on your neck, while squinting is making those Glabellar wrinkles (the lines between your eyebrows) and crow’s feet worse.

Some people even believe that the HEV light emitted from your phone screen is just as damaging to your skin as the sun. So in the meantime, when you MUST use your phone, make sure the font size is set to something you can see and (as ridiculous as it may look) hold it up in front of your face so you’re not causing your neck to wrinkle

Wrinkle Reason #3: You Chew Gum.

This daily habit can have its benefits —it can help stop sugar cravings and helps deal with stress. Unfortunately, according to dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu, chewing gum can bulk up the muscles around your face, making you look like you have jowls as well as contributing to lines on and around your mouth. So if you want to keep your breath fresh without the wrinkles, try opting for mints instead.

Wrinkle Reason #4: You’re dehydrated.

There’s a good chance you’re dehydrated and don’t even know it. In fact, CBS News reports 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

You see, when you’re dehydrated, your body pulls water from your organs to compensate and hydrate other vital parts of the body to keep you functioning. As it turns out, your skin is one of the first to donate its water supply. When that happens, your skin can look dry, dull, lifeless, and wrinkled.

Signs of dehydration can include:

  • Fine lines
  • Dark circles
  • A sallow, lackluster complexion

Adequate hydration keeps the skin supple, plump and radiant – so when our skin is dehydrated, parched fine lines can appear across the forehead and around the eyes. The best thing you can do is drink the daily recommended dose of water (at least 64 oz), avoid coffee and alcohol, and eat foods with high water content like watermelon, cucumber, and celery. And of course, use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated

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Now, it’s important to fight the look of fine lines and wrinkles any way you can, because the way you look has a big impact on how you feel, and I want you to look and feel your best, each and every day. We now have the Juliet laser by Cutera that works great for mini-peels to treat those fine lines and skin discoloration due to poor habits, aging and skin damage.

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