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Health Services for Men in Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Carolyn Quist not only provides a wide range of health products and services for women, but also for men. There are many types of cosmetic and sexual health services that men can utilize in order to improve their confidence and quality of life. Dr. Carolyn Quist is a highly trained specialist with over 25 years of experience diagnosing and treating men experiencing symptoms of andropause. Call (817) 926-1313 to schedule an appointment at our gynecology office in Fort Worth, TX today!

Bio-Identical Pellets

As men age, they often begin to experience symptoms that parallel menopause in women. This condition is called andropause. During andropause, a man’s hormone levels are likely to decrease, which can cause a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms affecting their daily life and sexual satisfaction, such as:

  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Joint pain, night sweats, and hot flashes
  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping

bioTE Medical Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy is able to relieve these problematic symptoms in a safe way, without causing serious side effects to the patient. Pellet therapy provides a consistent dose of testosterone for four to six months after an in-office visit to insert the pellet under the skin.

PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet rich plasma, abbreviated as PRP, is a relatively new treatment that uses concentrated doses of blood platelets to promote natural tissue repair that helps to stimulate dormant hair follicles. The dose is created using your own blood, which is separated to produce the platelet rich plasma. The scalp is then numbed using a local anesthetic, and the PRP is injected through a fine needle in a process similar to a Botox treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration Handout

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to sustain an erection during sex, is a condition that affects many men. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction can cause a man to lose confidence, become stressed, and it can also lead to troubles within a relationship. Fortunately, there are exceptional treatment options available right here in Fort Worth, Texas from Dr. Carolyn Quist.


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Dr. Quist is a highly trained gynecologist with extensive experience providing care to patients throughout Fort Worth. She will take the time to answer any questions you may have. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Carolyn Quist, please call our office in Fort Worth, Texas today at (817) 926-1313.

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