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Minerva Endometrial Ablation in Fort Worth, TX

What is the Treatment for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding?

Sadly, many women suffer from menorrhagia, or excessive menstrual bleeding. This condition goes far beyond having a heavy period, as it can cause such significant blood loss that individuals may become anemic in addition to experiencing high pain levels during each monthly cycle.

Minerva is an FDA approved treatment method that is designed to thin a patient’s endometrial lining, which is the tissue that repeatedly sheds during a menstrual cycle. By reducing the amount of endometrial tissue within the woman’s uterus, symptoms of heaving bleeding quickly subside, and the patient is then able to experience a much lighter period or no period at all.Dr. Carolyn Quist is a highly trained gynecologist with over 25 years of experience performing gynecologic procedures including Minerva Endometrial Ablation to treat heavy periods. Call (817) 926-1313 to schedule an appointment at our gynecology office in Fort Worth, TX today!

What are the Benefits of the Minerva Procedure?

Minerva is an endometrial ablation procedure, which can be performed in several ways utilizing various types of specially designed devices. What makes Minerva unique among these options is that it is a system based on providing patients with more effective results, including a 93% success rate 1 year after treatment.

Positive outcomes are not the only advantage available to patients who choose Minerva. Women who elect to undergo this procedure at Revitalize Wellness Center can also expect:

  • Minimal discomfort during their treatment that does not require the use of general anesthesia.
  • No hormones to be used.
  • A very fast procedure that lasts for approximately 3-4 minutes in total.
  • To return home soon after their endometrial ablation is complete.
  • To only require a single treatment.
  • Not to have any foreign devices or objects left in their uterus.
  • Zero incisions.
  • A low rate of potential complications to occur afterward.

Avoid a Hysterectomy

Women that are severely affected by excessive bleeding will often be consulted about undergoing a hysterectomy, which is a surgical procedure is removal of the uterus. While this procedure can be performed using minimally invasive techniques and technologies, it is still a very complex surgery for patients to consider. As a result, many women will search for alternatives to a hysterectomy, which leads many to explore endometrial ablation procedures like Minerva.

Pregnancy Is Possible, Though Not Advised

Since the uterus will remain entirely intact following treatment with Minerva, it is possible for patients to conceive a child in the future. However, women with a thin endometrial lining are at a very high risk for complications during pregnancy, and fetal development is also often negatively impacted in these cases. For this reason, women who still wish to have children in the future are not advised to undergo treatment using the Minerva system.

How does the Minerva Procedure Work?

Women who choose to be treated by Dr. Carolyn Quist using the Minerva system will remain awake throughout the procedure. Few patients report feeling significant discomfort during treatment, with most comparing the sensation to mild cramping that they may experience at the beginning of a menstrual cycle.

To begin, Dr. Quist will dilate the patient’s cervix and insert a thin, flexible wand into the uterus. The wand will then open slightly, apply a controlled level of high-frequency heat to the endometrial tissue, and then be gently removed after just a few minutes of implementation. Heating the endometrial tissue is what causes the lining to thin out and be removed entirely from inside the woman’s uterus.

Women are advised to rest once they return home after their procedure, though they may continue with regular activities in the following day. Some cramping and discharge may occur soon after the Minerva procedure, though patients are typically able to manage these side effects using standard over-the-counter pain relievers. Be sure to consult with Dr. Quist right away if you experience serious or persistent pain after treatment.

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