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Bioidentical Hormones in Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Carolyn Quist is a board-certified gynecologist with extensive experience helping patients treat a number of symptoms and achieve a better quality of life with BHRT. Call (817) 926-1313 to request an appointment at our gynecology office in Fort Worth, TX if you are interested in bio identical hormone pellet therapy.

What are the benefits of using bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are the exact chemical structure as the hormone your body makes and therefore metabolize the same they go directly to the cell’s receptor and work.

Am I a Candidate for BHRT?

If you experience any of the following symptoms or just want a better quality of life.

BHRT may be right for you. Some common symptoms typically seen in hormone imbalance in both men and women:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory Lapses
  • Trouble Concentrating
  • Poor Sleep Quality Or Insomnia
  • Anxiety And Irritability
  • Depression
  • Fragile Hair And/or Brittle Nails
  • Loss Of Well Being
  • Low Libido
  • Weight Gain
  • Hot Flashes And/or Night Sweats
  • Headaches
  • Poor Muscle Tone
  • Osteoporosis

Why Should Patients Choose Pellet Therapy?

Pellets mimic the way the body naturally produces hormones and distributes them in the blood before they go to the liver. Within 24 hours of insertion, the body starts building capillaries around the pellets. As blood flows by the pellet, the blood absorbs the hormones, and they are released 24 hours a day, seven days a week so there is no roller-coaster effect.

Some patients can start experiencing symptom relief within 24-72 hours but generally, you will feel most symptom relief by the 3rd or 4th week. Some patients are so depleted it may take 2 rounds to feel back to normal.

How Often do Patients Need Pellets?

Age, activity, and stress level can affect how long the pellets last in a patient. The pellets last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The more the patient moves around, the better they will absorb them and the quicker they will wear off.

What are the Pellets Made From?

Pellets used in the BioTE method are made from using the steroid ring of the soy or yam plant to make the hormones. There is no chance your body can be allergic to the final product as there is no remaining soy or yam product for your body to recognize. They are about the size of a long grain of rice or smaller.

How are They Inserted?

We will use a local anesthetic injection around the top of the buttock followed by a small incision with insertion of a hollow needle to insert the pellets. The incision will close quickly within a few days. It is important that you avoid soaking or exercising the hips for 3 days in women and 7 days in men to avoid infections and complications.

Can breast cancer survivors receive pellets?

Breast cancer survivors may be able to be treated with testosterone and/or testosterone with anastrozole. They should not receive estradiol especially if they had an estrogen receptor positive cancer. Testosterone alone can address up to 90% of symptoms in patients such as fatigue, depression, bone loss, heart issues, libido loss, and many other health benefits.

Can Prostate Cancer Survivors Receive Pellets?

Yes. After the prostate cancer has been treated or removed and the PSA blood test is undetectable, the patient can be pelleted. Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer and has several important effects in the aging male body.

Why are Specific Supplements Recommended to be Taken with Pellets?

  • The problem with OTC supplements: Most over-the-counter supplements are inexpensive but poorly absorbed or used by the body, dosages on the label may not match the actual dose in the pill, Additives, colors, fillers, and allergens are unnecessarily added, raw materials may not be tested for toxins, and low manufacturing standards. The FDA recently recalled almost 900 lines of products over a 7-year span. We do all the work for you and put our faith and trust in the right products that have been tested in the lab and proven to be free of contaminants, and allergens. They do 4 rounds of testing: raw materials, in-process testing, finished product testing, stability testing.
  • Probiotics improve the relationship between our brain and gut. They plan a vital role in the immune system, metabolism, body weight, as well as mood and behavior. Our gut microbiome needs a steady rich supply of fiber rich grains, vegetables, and legumes such as peas, beans, and other edible pods. Ideally, we should be getting between 30-50 grams of dietary fiber a day. If we don’t supply that to our gut, then the bacteria in our gut can’t do what they were designed to do. Taking a high-quality potent probiotic daily can make a dramatic difference in how you feel.
  • DIM is a plant indole with health promoting qualities. Our bodies are controlled by hormones and DIM and estrogen share common requirements for metabolism. DIM stimulates more efficient metabolism for estrogen to be broken down into its beneficial, or good, estrogen metabolites. This leads to a simultaneous reduction in the levels of the undesirable, or bad, estrogen metabolites which do not have antioxidant qualities and can cause cancer. You would have to eat about 2 pounds of raw or lightly cooked cruciferous vegetables daily to get the same equivalent of DIM as in a pill.
  • Vitamin D3 with added vitamin A and K2 adds protection for your eyes, bones, and has anti-inflammatory effects, supports skin health and cell growth, and prevents cancer. Make sure your total intake of vitamin A is no more than 10,000. Vitamin D acts on over 1000 different genes and serves as a substrate for sex hormones like testosterone, human growth hormone, and estrogen. K2 is necessary to convert a critical bone-building protein called osteocalcin, which helps maintain calcium homeostasis in bone tissue. It works with osteoblast cells to build healthy bone tissue. K2 also reduces arterial calcification by 50% and cardiovascular death risk by 46%. The 3 together also help reduce insulin resistance and helps with autoimmune conditions.
  • Methyl B factors: 50-60% of people have problems methylating folic acid. Methylation turns on and off genes, helps reduce our toxic load, processes and metabolizes hormones, builds immune cells, produces energy, protects our nerves and so many other things. Deficiency in any of the B vitamins can create a breakdown of metabolic processes that protect your health. That’s why we make sure you have the methylated form necessary to function properly. We have several products that contain the methylated form of folic acid.

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